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how choose & cut works

Parking is always free at Devine Acres Farm! Please note that we have a limited amount of choose & cut trees available. We have planted, nurtured and grown these trees for years! We HIGHLY recommend coming as early in our season as possible for the best chance of getting a tree. They go quickly! We will always update our website in the event we are out of choose & cut. If we do run out, we would love for you to check out our pre-cut Fraser Firs (learn more).

Come though the main farm entry, get an admission ticket per person. It has become necessary to implement a gate fee to discourage those who are not coming for a tree due to limited parking. But don’t you worry, the gate fee, or a portion of it, can be applied towards the purchase of your tree. Each household will receive a credit voucher (up to $50) to apply towards the purchase of a tree. Examples:  2 gate fees = $20 credit towards tree, 5 gate fees = 40 credit towards tree, 7 gate fees = $50 credit towards tree. This fee is non-refundable should you decide not to purchase a tree. We encourage you to stay and enjoy our Christmas CountryFest!

It’s a short walk out to the Christmas Tree Forest! Look for pre-tagged trees, as they are the only ones available for cutting this season! Note: There’s no secret system to the tag colors; they are just for the Elves.

Saws are provided in the fields. Staff members will be available in the fields to direct folks to available trees, answer questions and more!

When you’ve cut your tree, we’ll transport it by wagons to the processing area at the entry to the farm. Your tree will be shaken and baled, ready for you to load it up and give it a home! Trees are paid for near The Homestead. This is where you will be able to apply your credit voucher towards the purchase of your tree!

We have twine available for you to secure trees to your vehicles. Note that employees will not be able to help with that.

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